I need help with creating a 'At Risk flag' when End Date is reached and Status is not complete. I have tried multiple combinations, can someone please review and help me correct this formula

I am entering on Row4, End Date and Status are columns and Complete is a drop down under the status


In Sheet 1, I want to identify the color of the title of a book that matches ISBN number, so long as the book is available in the library.

Sheet 2

Available     |   BookTitle1

Unvailable   |   BookTitle2

Unvailable   |   BookTitle3

Available     |   BookTitle4

Available     |   BookTitle5


I want


Working on implementing a basic webhook based smartsheet connector to fetch usage data for users under one organization. During the Oauth2.0 flow, requested for following scopes "READ_USERS, ADMIN_USERS, ADMIN_WEBHOOKS".

I am making the following javascript-sdk api calls : - 



Is there a way or setting where I can control how email alerts are sent when multiple rows match the criteria? For a while, even if multiple rows matched the criteria, we would always get individual emails/alerts for each row. (i.e. 6 row match criteria = 6 emails). However, after the recent update,


Has anyone had any issues with someone not receiving email notifications on certain sheets? Or receiving the email notification and the comment not showing up in the sheet? It looks like a glitch happened to one of our sheets on August 29 and I wanted to see if anyone else had the same issue. It