I'm using index/match to reference account parameters on a master sheet from other sheets (sheet A, sheet B, sheet C, etc.).  How well will this scale up?  Can you use index/match to pull values from the master sheet to an infinite number of sheets or is there a limit to the number of times you can


Hi everyone,

My colleague and I are new to SmartSheet and we are having some issues with a few formulas and we can't quite work out what has happened.

We are offering paid work at an hourly rate for someone to join our team to help troubleshoot and fix our SmartSheets issues.

If you're interested,


Morning all (8am in NZ!)

Just getting to know Smartsheet, but one thing is killing me at the moment and its i cant seem to get ANY notifications working.

Im running a workflow system using the BOARD view, but have also tried switching to list view and still nothing. No matter what i set up under