We have set up a connection between Smartsheet and JIRA and whenever a row on our Smartsheet becomes a ticket in JIRA, it automatically populates in the backlog instead of within the sprint we've defined within Smartsheet. Is there a way to get around this? I saw a thread that I think was related to



as a part of knowledge migration project in our company, we're storing links to the documents in a tracker on Smartsheet. When opened from smartsheet the links work properly. Unfortunately, when I export the tracker to excel - I am not able to open any of them. Could you advice what could go


Hi all - I cannot figure out what's going wrong here.


I'm trying to count rows in another sheet ("Sheet A") where both the following are true:

  • Done = 0
  • IsChild = 0

My formula is: 

  • =COUNTIFS({Sheet A Range 2}, 0, {Sheet A Range 4}, 0)


Now this works perfectly!


So in a cell right below that