Is there any way to widen a dashboard? We have a 6ft touchscreen monitor that displays our dashboard at all times, however we can only see a small number of Widgets and they're HUGE! I'd like to be able to fiddle with this, much like you can with your desktop... is this possible?


Hi all,

would anyone let me know of any 'string' limitations in smart sheets when creating a formula?

I have attempted the below in every conceivable possible way and I can only think that the formula is technically too long.

I am trying to complete the below:


  • GDI End date before today and


Hi All,

I had a popup window saying that I have to refresh screen due to new version of smartsheet has been released.

Anyone knows what is it about? There is no information about it on release notes website, so... should I search for it by myself? :D

Yesterday we've been informed that Smartsheet



I am using Smartsheet to allocate tasks for projects which i use gantt and grid view for.

My team need to look at their tasks allocated to them in card view, but i am not able to sort the card view by the assigned to column

I do have multiple contacts enabled in the assigned to column, would