My sheet is view only.

I am not sure how it got in this mode

I don't see a way to get out of mode. 

This is happening on Android phone nothing changed no new phone 

I have a tablet can log in and make changes on the sheet. The tablet isn't in view only.  I am only one on sheet and


Title says most of it, so I'll repeat it:

Bug or Feature?: Used in Formula does not display for Contact List

Hover over the [ContactList] column which is referenced by formula on the destination sheet does not ever display the "Used in Formula ... " pop-up.

I did not see anything in the Help


For example I have sheet A that has my master list and all components within a "Kit".  On sheet B I have multiple kits and would like to reference all the included components.  I get that you can link cell to another just like and spreadsheet, but is there a way to link the