I am trying to add lag time to a project but when I hover the mouse in any cell in the Predecessors column nothing happens. The Edit Predecessors form does not appear. Please help, I've tried everything.

"To make changes to the relationships between dependents and their predecessors, click edit-predecessors Edit


Any help with this would be appreciated.

I haven't been able to come up with a formula that would check a reference sheet for a value and pull the data from another column to populate the current form. I expect it would be a compound formula with an IF and maybe a INDEX,  but I'm having difficulty


Hello and good morning Smartsheet community,

I know you can use the =COUNTIF in order to count the number of times a (SINGLE) name or word appears in a range of cells. My issue is that I am trying to count how many times the word safety is used in a range of cells where the word safety is used in a