I would like to send a regular Update request for a  whole sheet - not just a row in a sheet.


Alternatively I would like to be able to set an Alert to go out automatically every week / fortnight / day rather than according to a specific date.


At the moment I have to set up individual alerts to


I may (or may not be) putting in my resignation very soon and I need to understand the best way to accomplish a complete account transfer.  I am the owner of our work Smartsheet account and we have 6 licensed users.  I am potentially going to a competitor so it's possible that I get escorted out.


I know there are many different discussions requesting dynamic dropdown functionality native in Smartsheet without a third party solution but I feel the need to start another to emphasize the importance.  I believe the need makes even more sense with Card View functionality Smartsheet recently


Could not find this in the forum.  Hope it's not a reapeat.


So, we use SS to track multi-room multi-year projects with 10-15 people reporting on a site per day.  As each person may work on several rows that day, there will be changes to the rows and changes to the discussions.  Then, when the