We use the importrange function reguarly within our Gsheet implementations, and would like to allow certain cells in smartsheet to receive regulary push updates from an active gsheet via this function.  Is there a way to do it?  In example, we have a productivity tracker in gsheet that is


Is it possible for a row to "automatically" relocate itself from (1) parent child grouping to the NEXT parent child grouping?  Right now, I have to manually move them. 


I have a roll up sheet for our design clients.  The roll up sheet is organized by stage of process and all information is auto


We manage a group of independent contractors that work off site.  We are looking for a design of a web form so they can record the hours worked daily.  This would have to allow for start time, lunch time (punch out), lunch time (punch in), and end time.  Looking for a formula to calculate the hours