Collaboration is a term that is being used a lot lately and I'd like to have some examples of what it means to different organizations.


One of our Smartsheet customers said it captures "togetherness, team unity and relationships".


Another large company in Seattle defines it as,  "knowing where


I was wondering how I could set up a document that is one sheet for time off. The main things we need are a form or something to fill out that will go to the employees specific manager to approve or deny, and will then notify the employee if it has been denied or approved, and if approved, will then


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We have a team of project associates that are asisgned to a number of tasks on a project in a smartsheet.  I want to be able to send a timesheet to each resource at the end of every week.  On the timesheet I would like to display the task for the week and ask for actual hours


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If I am understanding this correctly, the User Management is what the Contact List type draws from to populate names.


Is there a way to create different groups within the User Management area? For instance, I'd like to have two separate lists so that I can have two different Contact


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I need to have a formula for a RYG column, that looks at two check box columns.  First checkbox will change the RYG ball from Red when not checked to Yellow when checked.  Then i have a second check box column for another department to change the SAME