Yesterday, we added new enhancements to Smartsheet automation. 

You’ll now create reminders in the visual workflow builder that we rolled out last fall for alerts and automated actions. That means you can send reminders conditionally (e.g., if the status is not Complete), customize their subject lines, and more.

You can also trigger your date-based workflows at a specific time of day (based on the sheet owner’s time zone). For example, send a reminder at 9 AM on the due date.

More information on these enhancements can be found in our Automate Your Work With Alerts and Actions help article.



I opened this announcement and was like.... 

Thank you Smartsheet for finally bringing uniformity to the Reminders and Alerts.

Hi Shaine,

Is there any possibility to set it up like I'd like to send a reminder daily (which is built in option) but at 11:00? Can we choose sepcific hours for such reminders?

Is "On specific date" the only option where we can use specific hour to be set up?

Can I set specific hour for other actions without using "On specific date" option?

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Hi, before these new changes which are really great by the way,  I used to be able to set an automated reminder weekly with specifichour, now cannot find how to do it. 

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Hi Marcin—

Currently the time-based trigger option is only available when choosing "at a specific date" as your trigger.

Let our Product team know how you'd like to see this feature be improved by submitting to the Product Enhancement Request form under Quick links on the right of the community site.

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Hi Shaine,

It's very simple. I'd like to have it in almost each option. If I choose once a day or if I choose once a week. 


@Nat B - you need to choose File and then Send as attachment. There it is.

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I would like to set automatically recurring Update Requests on a sheet, to resend every week on the same date.  There doesn't seem to be functionality for this. If there is, please advise how to accomplish.

Thank you!

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Hi Debi—

There currently isn't a way to set up a recurring update request that is sent out on a time interval.

When you have a moment, please submit a Product Enhancement Request using the form under Quick links to the right of the community site to let our Product team know that you'd like to have this capability added to a future version of Smartsheet.

Having an issue with the new reminders/alerts as well.

How do I set up a reminder for tasks that are coming due in the next 2 days -

need to alert the task owner that task is due in next 2 days

I've set up a reminder on the new alerts but it is not triggering.

Thanks Shaine.  I was able to get it to work.



I'm a little late to this discussion, but our team has noted that only Admins can set reminders for multiple people. Will editors have the option to set reminders for multiple users in the future? If it is not planned can it be discussed? First attachment is the Editor permissions. Second attachment is the Admin. Note that the admin can click the user name link to add additional users to the reminder. The Editor is grayed out.

Awesome update! 

Has this function changed? I'm not seeing "on a specific date" as an option, and cannot set any reminders or update requests to trigger 4hrs out. 

I'm looking to trigger a reminder or update request 4hrs from the time captured by Created Date when someone completes a Web Form.