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  • CMMS Build up
    In API & Developers
    Hello, Am working with a company as an IT which needs a CMMS tool for their mining clients for the WR, WO, PMs, AMs and so forth. And I need an expert of Smartsheet to help me on contract to develop the tool for them.
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  • Navigate URL Automation
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    Hi Team,  Is it possible to automatically navigate to a URL added in a cell if specific cell value changes to specific value? Please see below to understand the requirement. I have a tracker sheet for each project. Each tracker sheet ha…
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  • remove column ids, row ids from Smartsheet json!
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    hi team, I need help with removing the overheard data from the Smartsheet api call that returns a json file, I need to remove all the overhead before putting the data into the pipelines, thanks. 
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  • Can a one to many relationship be created in Smartsheets?
    In API & Developers
    For example I have sheet A that has my master list and all components within a "Kit".  On sheet B I have multiple kits and would like to reference all the included components.  I get that you can link cell to another just like an…
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  • Update date field error
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    Hi. I'm trying to update a cell on a row which is a data field using the C# api.  However, I'm getting an error {"Value is not supported for this column type. Use objectValue instead."} But when I'm trying to set objectvalue i…
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  • Custom Fields and JIRA Ticket Imports
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    My company is using a Smartsheet which uses custom columns fed by a request form.  The purpose of this sheet is to process and track product enhancement requests, and occasionally we will migrate JIRA tickets into the process as well, whic…
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  • Using Microsoft Flow to Send Email
    In API & Developers
    Hello, Currently Smartsheet doesn't allow me to send an Alert with an attachment. The context of this is for a travel spreadsheet, when someone enters their itinerary, it will send the person an email with a standard email containing an a…
    Oby Profile Photo Oby
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  • Row Id in email
    In API & Developers
    Hi! I'm trying to generate custom PDFs with a specific template from a smartsheet row. The workflow currently uses an automation to send an email when the row is "done". Right now, that email contains the "Row Number" …
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  • Webhook callbackUrl Port Support Query
    In API & Developers
    Hi All,  Raised two cases with Support but no response so starting new discussion.  We have created smartsheet webhook with  callback url  having port 443, 8008,8000 and 8080 but able to get response when callback url configured with 443…
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