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  • automate a download of a sheet
    In Using Smartsheet
    Dear Community:  Please be gentle...I am new to the community.  Our application uses forms to have people add row to various sheets. On one of the sheets we need to upload to one of 1000 systems as people continue to add to the sheets.  I …
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  • Presetting Project Start and End date - Missing in Smartsheet
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    In Microsoft Project, you can set a project schedule's start and end date and that sets the date range for a project schedule.  I can't see that feature in smartsheet.  This would be nice since a lot of us use templates in our PMOs that we…
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  • Costos de actividades de proyecto
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    Soy nuevo en SS. Agradezco saber si esta herramienta tiene la función de asignar costos a la actividad y su respectiva presentación. Hasta el momento, no he encontrado la función o columna.
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  • Formula equivalents from Excel to Smartsheet
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    We have imported some project trackers and found a lot of Unparseable results.  I am trying to find equivalencies to make my formulas work.  Below is an example.   =IF(C4=100%,TODAY()," ")  In Smartsheet we tried this, =IF(Progr…
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  • Filters in Microsoft Teams - Trial Version Limitation?
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    Hello I am using Smartsheet with Teams and discovered the filters don't work.  From Smartsheets as the owner I don't have a checkbox to share the filter.  Inside teams I can't create and name the filter and it only allows one filter at a …
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  • Resource demand, capacity, and utilization management
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    Hello SS Community!  Am fairly new to SS, and was hoping someone might be able to point me to where I might find recommended solutions for resource demand, capacity, and utilization management, using Smartsheet.   I know you can use the ti…
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  • Using a sheet to assign a project number
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    We use google docs currently for our company to input data about clients, and be assigned a specific project number. We have ~30 employees in the project book pulling these file numbers at any given time, so we like the transparency of see…
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  • Unified task list
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    Hi everyone! I started using Smartsheet to control all the projects in my company(aproximatelly 9 projects). Some of them have confidential parts, but they also need colaboration of other employees.  Can I create a unified task list for …
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  • Chart in Dashboards
    In Using Smartsheet
    Hello, Thanks to all for the wonderful help in the community! It makes everything so easy to use! I do have a question about something I was not able to figure out. I want to make a pie chart in a dashboard that reflects the status column…
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  • Calculate Calendar Days from Start Date + Workdays
    In Using Smartsheet
    I would like to calculate the # of calendar days given the following information: * Start Date * Work Days I know the "workday" formula will give me the end calendar date but I don't want the actual date. I am looking for the #…
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