Whether you're just getting started with the Smartsheet platform, or an experienced pro, the ENGAGE conference will empower you to act in the moment to solve problems and inspire you to reimagine what’s possible.

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  • Welcome to the Smartsheet ENGAGE After Party! 🎉
    Smartsheet ENGAGE 2021 just wrapped, and if you’re not ready for the fun to end, you’re in the right place! Now that you have the inspiration and the ideas for what you want to build next, we’re here to help you get it all done.  Consider …
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  • Engage 2021: Together we build Attendee Badge
    Hey Smartsheet Community, If you haven't already seen this badge applied to your profile, please request through the link provided below and our Community Team will be sure to get it added once we've verified your attendance at the Engage …
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  • Data hosting services within Canadian border
    Anyone know vendors who can host the data within Canada to meet contractual requirements, since we have datasets built with Smartsheet and running Dynamicview, we are looking for ways to meet the contractual obligations to host the data wi…
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  • I miss the breakout rooms
    From a more technical standpoint, I just wanted to share that this entire Engage this year seems like a Sales pitch. We're already Smartsheet customers. We were excited to see more of the new features and the solutions. My apologies if thi…
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  • Smartsheet Examples
    Hello, I'm just wondering if you have a feature or a place where we can go and see actual examples of Smartsheets that fellow users have used for business cases? Also, the speaker on ENGAGE today from Dell, her name was Becky, spoke abou…
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  • ENGAGE 2021: Top 5 Things to Know Before the Show
    ENGAGE is tomorrow! I’m so excited for you all to join us virtually for this event. Here are a few helpful tips for you to review before the show:  Register for the Oct 19th ENGAGE event and access it here (Pro tip: if you registered for t…
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  • Ask Me Anything! Jennie Ives, ENGAGE 2021 Event Team
    Checking in with a short video message for you all! Drop your ENGAGE 2021 questions below once you watch and I'll be right there to answer. PS. Bean says hello!
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  • Join our Smartsheet ENGAGE 2021 Viewing Party!
    Our biggest virtual event of the year is here- ENGAGE! We can't wait for you to tune in and hear from some of our best product experts- your fellow customers! Interested in joining other can-doers during the show? Jump into our ENGAGE vie…
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  • Earn a new badge + points by attending ENGAGE'21!
    Hello Smartsheet Community! I’m so excited to unveil the brand new ENGAGE 2021 Community badge that will be awarded to attendees this year:   I can’t wait to add this to my profile! Note that all Community members will receive this badge a…
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