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Managing distributed teams has new challenges, with more teams working asynchronously than ever. In this forum we share best practices for ensuring transparency, team alignment, and collaboration.

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  • Free Webinar Recording: Ready for what's next: returning to the workplace!
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    View our free webinar recording and demo! Ready for what's next: Returning to the workplace Bringing employees back to the workplace safely requires resilience, adaptability, and reinvention. Safely return your workforce after a major ev…
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  • Smartsheet and 451 Research Webinar: Rethink productivity and collaboration in the time of COVID-19
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    Did you miss our Smartsheet and 451 Research webinar? Check out the recordings! Rethinking Workforce Productivity and Collaboration in the Time of COVID-19 Some organizations were more prepared for  — and are succeeding in spite of — th…
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  • Alert when a "check out" event is missing
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    Hello Fellow SmartSheeters, we're using SS to track when individuals come and go from our laboratory. We're using this to identify individuals at risk of COVID exposure. For example, student A is working in laboratory in limited capacity. …
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  • Team Coordination in Agile and Waterfall
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    Hello All, I am new in this community and i don't know this is right place to ask this question. I am working as a manual tester, I am confused for the difference in agile and waterfall model as a team coordination point. Can anyone know a…
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    Hi, I'm Andrée! Feel free to contact me about help with Smartsheet, integrations, general workflow advice, or something else entirely. I'm always happy to help! E: [email protected] Be safe and have a fantastic week! Best, Andrée Starå W…
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  • Smartsheet Themed Virtual Background for Zoom
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    I'm finding myself in a lot more Zoom calls lately. Question for everyone: If you had a Smartsheet themed virtual background, what would it look like and what would it say? Internet memes and all ideas welcome! 😆
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  • Webinar recording available: Make remote work more productive with Smartsheet
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    Missed the webinar? Click here to access the recording. Virtual meetings are great for collaboration, but are your teams actually executing together? Learn best practices for using Smartsheet to make your remote teams more effective and p…
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  • Messages on How to Cope with Covid (from Smartsheet Partner, Joseph Michelli)
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    Please find some inspirational videos created specifically for the Smartsheet community during this time. They come from Joseph Michelli, a Smartsheet Alliance One member, past ENGAGE speaker, as well as best-selling author and psychologis…
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  • How are you using Smartsheet to help you homeschool during COVID-19 closures?
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    We've been celebrating the social distancing brought on by mandatory office closures and work from home has been great! Meaningless meetings have been cancelled. Chatty Kathy hasn't been stopping by our desks with distractions four times p…
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  • Seeking Help!
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    Hi, my name is Danielle Joseph, working at a health/human services nonprofit, We provide 24/7 residential support to people with disabilities, brain injuries, mental health and/or substance use challenges in 80 group hom…
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