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Managing distributed teams has new challenges, with more teams working asynchronously than ever. In this forum we share best practices for ensuring transparency, team alignment, and collaboration.

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  • How do I engage a smartsheet expert to help build my PMO requirements in New Zealand?
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    With the current shutdown my business has experienced unprecedented demand and getting time to get my smartsheet application up and fully functional is not happening. Given the current economic climate is there experts out there prepared …
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  • Coping with Change & Uncertainty -Videos by Joseph Michelli for the Smartsheet community
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    Some inspiration for the Smartsheet community during this time from Joseph Michelli, a Smartsheet Alliance One member, past ENGAGE speaker, as well as best-selling author and psychologist. He thought the Smartsheet family could be helped b…
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  • Face Fit Test Register designed & delivered to NHS - NOW FOC to NHS Users - COVID_19 solutions
    In Staying on the Same Sheet
    Smarter Business Processes (SBP) has been working with NHS Tayside who urgently needed a solution to track and monitor the progress of their Resporatory Protection Programme to test and face fit all Frontline staff with Masks that protect …
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    143 views 0 comments Started by Debbie Sawyer
  • New COVID-19 Response Resource!
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    The Smartsheet team has recently launched the COVID-19 Response Resource Center. This page is a centralized hub where we will surface various resources to help your team with crisis support. This hub has template sets, community and suppor…
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  • Managing working parent and "homeschooling"
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    As a single mom- and full-time employee, COVID-19 brought unique challenges to our household. I both wanted to keep my kid's education progressing while maintaining progress at work. I quickly realized we needed a schedule to maintain san…
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  • My first post: To whoever needs to hear this + working parents... WE GOT THIS!
    In Staying on the Same Sheet
    I'm reporting live from Day #5 of school closure as a working mom. Want to learn about how I digitized my daughter's day in Smartsheet amid COVID-19 school closure? Keep reading!... Spoiler alert, also includes these gems: A confession,…
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  • Error displaying custom owned domains on the COVID-19 Dashboard
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    I'm setting up the COVID-19 Templates and am getting the following error where the map should be. We're on a Business plan and I am the System Administrator but can't find where I would enable this.
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  • Where is the COVID-19 dashboard
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    Hi all, In the press I read that Smartsheet has released a COVID-19 dashboard for the community - Where can I find this? Thanks, Victor
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  • Smartsheet for Pandemic Readiness- Dont Panic Prepare!
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    IT departments must take the lead on pandemic response planning... Your Challenge COVID-19 still has a lot of unknowns. Despite efforts by international and regional health authorities, misinformation and misinterpretation of available inf…
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