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  • Web Forms - The ability to Submit and Add New entry
    In Using Smartsheet
    We utilize Web Form option to track Support Cases.  If a user has multiple cases, they currently have to submit their first case then go back into the URL for the Form to enter another case.  Is it possible to have an option at the bottom …
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  • Calendar does not open in current month
    In Using Smartsheet
    Hello everyone, I have a Smartsheet calendar that has recently started to act a bit funny. It´s nothing major but it gets annoying. Basically, every time we open the calendar, it shows January 2017, which was when we created that sheet. …
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  • Define working days without affecting the calendar
    In Using Smartsheet
    My team travels for business frequently and we need to keep track of the weekends they have traveled on so everyone can get their days in lieu. I used the NETWORKINGDAYS formula and it looked fine. The problem is our weekends are Friday-Sa…
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  • Any limits on the number of dashboards?
    In Using Smartsheet
    Hi, Are there any limits to the number of dasboard a user can create? Many thanks, Grace
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  • Card View with a Blank Primary Column
    In Using Smartsheet
    In Card View the first field shown is the primary column.  For this particular sheet, my primary column was left blank and hidden so all of my cards show <Untitled> on the first line.  What can I do to keep <Untitled> from appe…
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  • COUNTIFS + and referencing two columns in another sheet
    In Using Smartsheet
    Hi - I am trying to reference another sheet with columns "placement or asset" and "designer" where I can reference the designer name AND when the placement column says placement and have it count this amount Below is w…
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  • Dashboard
    In Using Smartsheet
    How can I create an A0 landscape dashboard canvas
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  • Linkage Break
    In Using Smartsheet
    Whenever i put a hyperlink on a dashboard to access on another smartsheet item (Dashboard), the selected item is checked but after saving the page, the link breaks and automatically links to some other smartsheet item. What can be the pot…
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  • IF THEN Reminders
    In Using Smartsheet
    I want to set up a reminder for the unfinished tasks on a sheet. When I say "unfinshed" I mean those tasks that have not been marked done or have a 100% in the completed column. Presently, it looks like a reminder will fire regar…
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  • Cross-Sheet Project Status Rollup (Dashboard?)
    In Using Smartsheet
    Long time user, first time trying to do something cross-sheet. Lets say I have a folder called "Projects" and it contains all "Project Sheet" type sheets.  Outside of the folder I'd like to have a sheet or a dashboard …
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