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  • Issues with PDF generator
    In Using Smartsheet
    Guys, Anyone experiencing issues with downloading PDF versions of their sheets please?  This is a feature I use often, but it appears to be seizing up? Tried rebooting the laptop so I don't think it's my end? Dave.    
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  • Notifications and alerts - by demand (immediate)
    In Using Smartsheet
    Hi all, Was wondering if there is a way to send notifications (alerts & reminders) to the entire sheet (all rows at once) whenever a user needs and not by a pre-defined rule? For example, the sheet owner want to be able to send updat…
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  • VLOOKUP with multiple search values?
    In Using Smartsheet
    Hi all,  I like to streamline the project time sheets for my employees. I have two sheets: 1) A Master Project sheet, and a 2) Timesheet:  Sheet "Master projects" Project No. |  Project Name | Role | Team Member Values: * 1|…
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  • Service grinding to a halt
    In Using Smartsheet
    Further to my other post this morning, we've now found that the service is grinding to a halt. Our office, and our clients offices are barely able to save any data to a sheet or report and it's crippling our day. Is there anyone else suff…
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  • Dashboard Widgets- 5-why, fishbone, user defined table
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    Adding a 5-why widget, a fishbone diagram widget, and a user define table widget to the dashboard would be really handy.  Also, ability to attach document from local drive.
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  • Risk Level Formula
    In Using Smartsheet
    Hello, I am trying to calculate risk level automatically (by displaying RYG balls) based on the following: Risk Level is Green If I get one of the following combinations: * Impact = Low AND Probability = Not Likely * Impact = Low AND Pr…
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  • Refresh Lane with Contact List
    In Using Smartsheet
    I have a sheet based off of another sheet that was created from an old Excel file. The original had a column for Assigned To that used a lot of non-standard names. Now that it's in smartsheet, I've changed these names to pull from the cont…
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  • Simple way for creating dashboard on issue log
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    So I am logging issues on a sheet and there is a column showing the respective status (i.e. Open, WIP, Closed, etc.) for each of them. I m in search of a simple way to create a dashboard to show the no. of issues under each status on the s…
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  • auto tick box checked dependent on all dots green
    In Using Smartsheet
    Hi I have several columns when once all green dots turns the row green, done with conditional formatting, however I have a column with a check box and want a formula that automatically ticks the checkbox once all dots in row are green, ple…
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  • Random ODBC Errors AND SSIS Errors Saying Sheets doesn't Exist
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    Hi There I use Smart Sheet 32 bit ODBC component to connect to SmartSheet and pull data to SQL server. Suddenly I see errors randomly.  There has been a random error appearing each time the SSIS package is run (SSIS package uses ODBC p…
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