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  • Count of cross-sheet formulas in a sheet
    In Using Smartsheet
    Given the limit of 100 cross-sheet references per sheet, is there any way of seeing the total number of cross-sheet references already in place for a given sheet?   My use case - I've got a handful of sheets reaching the maximum amount o…
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  • Summary Row Card View
    In Using Smartsheet
    Hello, I cannot find any resources showing how to create a summary row card in card view.  My lanes are based on stages of a project which is selected through a drop down on each row.  I would like to total the NPV of each project that is…
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  • Predecessor links disappearing when printing in PDF
    In Using Smartsheet
    Hello members, Need a quick help.  I have a project and in the gnatt view the predecessor links are visible: See screen shot Gnatt mode. When I want to print this gnatt chart, the links disappear in the PDF mode. See screen shot PDF mod…
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  • Is it possible to display 2 different date range diplays in the Gantt Chart?
    In Using Smartsheet
    Hi, In the Gantt Chart, is there a functionality or a way that we can see 2 different date range displays? For example for a project tracker, 1st date range would be the planned start date and planned end date and the 2nd would be the ac…
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  • Copy/Paste Cells from Excel into Smart Sheets
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    I have an excel file and a Smartsheet. I am unable to copy paste from the excel into the Smart Sheet. Am I missing something? Video HERE
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  • Insert a date six weeks before key date
    In Using Smartsheet
    Hi All I am trying to create a formula to insert a date six weeks before a key date. This earlier date will be the commencement date of the tasks. Example: We have a building that has an end of financial year on 30 July 2018. I need to s…
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  • Adding HYPERLINK (to other smartsheet) inside a drop down menu
    In Using Smartsheet
    Hi I have multiple employees name in my drop down menu. They all have an individual employee page. Could we add a link to their name when I create my drop down menu , inside edit column properties?   thank you
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  • cannot delete ref links from vlookup
    In Using Smartsheet
    Hi I tested vlookup function and I created a new sheet .I deleted this new sheet but now in my master sheet it's still outbound to ref unknown sheet. I cannot delete that link...
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  • IF AND function
    In Using Smartsheet
    First time here and new to Smartsheet. In a cell I have a number. Say 400 In another cell I have a specific date.  Say January 1, 2020 What I want to do as a task start date in another cell is: If the number in the cell falls within a …
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  • 2 week task for 2 hours each day
    In Using Smartsheet
    Is it possible to have a task with a duration of say 2 weeks, but only allocate a fraction of the day’s hours to the assigned resource?   For example, John Smith is assigned Qlik development that will last for 2 weeks, but will only be d…
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