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  • Calendars
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    2 Part Question I want to make 2 employee calendars 1 for vacation another for PTO.  Can I create just calendars?    I created an installation sheet and a service request sheet.  Is there anyway to merge the 2 calendars and color code t…
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  • Multiple sheets consolidate in a hierarchical single sheet
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    We have sales team members having their own sheets to capture their client info and industry-specific potential billings. Please see attachments exec1 and exec2 Is there a way for the Sales Manager to view all of this in a single sheet th…
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  • Editing Labels on Charts
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    Is it just me or are we not able to edit the chart labels anymore? They just brought out a bunch of a new charts and I can't seem to format word/number like I used to.
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  • Automating RYG balls based on Due date and completion status
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    Im having an issues creating this formula and was hoping someone could help improve on my formula.  Im trying to create a HEALTH flag marked "Green" if the task is not due today, "Yellow" if the task is due today, and …
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  • Error message - publishing SmartSheet calendar to Outlook
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    I played around with the publishing calendar functionality using ICal and syncing it to my Outlook account. I eventually decided not to use this function and turned it off in SmartSheet. Several times a day I am getting an error message i…
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    In Using Smartsheet
    I wrote a function for my budget, setting limit and i want it to return text either True or false. but it kept on returning "INVALID COLUMN VALUE" (=SUM(A3:A10)<=(0.7*D6)
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  • Form not capturing submissions
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    Hi, Am experiencing an issue on a brand new sheet/form where submissions are not being captured. No filters. No hidden columns or anything. Shows that five entries have been submitted (all my tests), but nothing is showing up on the grid v…
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  • Enhancement Request: Dropdown for Forms
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    Quick request, likely will come to naught, but here it is: Several uses cases recently require designs with multiple forms. Useful would be a convenient way for end-users to access them (for submission, not editing). Perhaps a dropdown m…
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  • Updates are not visible
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    I have a MSFT- Promo account and a month ago I created recurring Update Requests that are being sent out to my 17 customers. Since the upgrade last week, I cannot find the Updates that I created but they are still being sent out (yes, I ch…
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  • Reminder issue?
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    I have 20+ sheets with various Due Dates on various rows.  I have a reminder set to send the Preparer a reminder when the Due Date occurs.  Historically, the email notification only shows the rows that are the actual "Due Date". …
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