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  • Could we get a setting to lock the gantt chart to 5 years
    In Using Smartsheet
    It would great if there was a setting that would limit the gantt chart view to 5 years in support of shorter projects.  Another option that would be even better is to have a start and end date setting for the timeline.  It would make it be…
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  • Reports that pull only parent rows
    In Using Smartsheet
    Is there is a way to do this without having to create another column and naming it Parent?  
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  • Feature request - dynamic lists
    In Using Smartsheet
    Dynamic lists would be a very valuable feature in smartsheet. When we add a new employee to our system, we need to add them into about 10 different sheets, so that they can select their name from the relevant lists and fill out a timesheet…
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  • Update Frequency
    In Using Smartsheet
    Dear Smartsheet, Please stop the almost daily updates and concentrate on releasing functionality/fixes in a staged manner like every other company out there. I've even had days where there are 2 or 3 updates. It's best practice to provide…
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  • Adding a contact list for my sheet
    In Using Smartsheet
    I'm new to SS, and this seems like a very basic question, but I'm stumped! The documentation says to go to Account > My Smartsheet Contacts - to add contacts to my sheet - But I can't find a link called "Account" or "My s…
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  • Linking
    In Using Smartsheet
    I was wondering if smartsheet linking has the capability to perform this following type of function: If I create a Request Log spreadsheet, and one of those columns has a drop down with options, approved, hold, pending, is it possible to …
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  • Shared Filters
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    Is there a way to save a filter and use across all smartsheets? I want to be able to create a filter and then share will all my co-workers. 
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  • Horizontal Reporting (Transpose)
    In Using Smartsheet
    Hi!   I'm currently having some issues generating a report from smartsheets that enables be to do some additional reporting away from the product to enable external sharing (due to data, and legal reasons).   I'm looking at building a …
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  • Linking to other cells
    In Using Smartsheet
    Hey, So we have 2 sheets. New Projects sheet and Tasks sheet. The New Projects one have 2 column. ID and name of the project, whenever we get a new project we insert the name and ID manually. I want the Tasks sheet to have those column …
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  • Conditional Formatting
    In Using Smartsheet
    I want cells that need to be filled in with values to be highlighted. Like, if A2 and B2 contain a value, highlight C2. Only problem is that C2 has a formula so it's not technically "blank". And I want the formatting to go away o…
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