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  • Filter counts after revised UI
    In Using Smartsheet
    Since the UI change was rolled out over the past week, we no longer have the same filtering functionality as before.  One of the options that we utilized when using a filter, was the counts that were available.  Such as when you applied a …
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  • NEW design & UI propositions, please take a look and comment
    In Using Smartsheet
    With the recent updates to the navigation interface and a lot of complaints from our users, I created how a simple and effective layout should look like. The current layout takes too many clicks and also the interface is getting too clutte…
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  • Out of Office Calendar - recurrent events
    In Using Smartsheet
    We want to use Smartsheets to set up an out of office calendar for vacations, work trips, working from home etc. We are capturing name, dates, and reason for being out of the office. We planned on having staff enter in OOO on a form and th…
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  • Reporting on commonly named tasks in sheets
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    I am having trouble generating reports on tasks that have the same name that occur on multiple project sheets. Is this possible? Tips?
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  • Auto-Populating One Sheet Based on Criteria of Another
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    I have a contact form that once the contact proceeds into the opportunity phase (think CRM), I want to automatically have their info populate into another sheet.   In the contact sheet, I envision a column titled "Proceed to Opportun…
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  • Combine Form Row information into Single Row data
    In Using Smartsheet
    Hello all. We are looking for a way to take rows entered via webform and then merge the information into a single row of data. To give you an example of what we are doing. We enter a building Number (currently Primary Column) and a unit …
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  • Remove Gant view from Dashboard report
    In Using Smartsheet
    Hello,  I added a date column to my report to show the actual date in the Dashboard but for whatever reason, the Dashboard wants to display the Gant view only for the date column. Can I turn the Gant view off so it only shows the actual d…
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  • Smartsheet backup file link fails to open/download
    In Using Smartsheet
    Hi, When I click the "Download Backup File" link in my email from Smartsheet. An internet browser opens pinwheels for a long time showing "Waiting for urldefense.proofpoint..." and then eventually shows page cannot be …
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  • Date criterion leaves out value in results
    In Using Smartsheet
    I am building a report from 2 sheets. When I add the When criterion "is a date" from Sheet 1, the report data does not display the existing, not blank Property value from Sheet 2. Both of these sheets use the same unique customer…
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  • Sorting
    In Using Smartsheet
    Hey Guys, I have created a sheet to help our construction company track our new leads.  We have set it up to fill out a form that feeds information into the sheet.  I have conditional formatting set up to identify each lead by their sta…
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