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  • just signed up and wondering how to access the integration apps
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    Hi Everyone, I am a newbie to the smart sheet system and already loving what it can do. I am wondering how to go about linking the software to my office 365 account can anyone help me please
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  • Shortcut button of sorts for a Project template
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    I have many projects in a Project Management workspace. The project sheets have a section to order materials for projects. I have a GRID Sheet in another section of Smartsheets that creates purchase order numbers and has a brief descriptio…
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  • New Alerts and Actions Functionality
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    Does anyone know how to change a notification to include MULTIPLE criteria before sending. As of right now, all I have seen is OR when adding a condition, not AND.
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  • How to Publish Calendar with Filters
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    Hello, I'm new to Smartsheets. I wanted to build a calendar that anyone (without smartsheets license) can view. However, when I publish the calendar, the View-Only version does not include any of my premade filters. Is there a way to publ…
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  • Formula not auto-populating
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    I have several sheets that are identical. I actually created the additional sheets by using Save as New. In all sheets when I enter an open date, follow up dates are supposed to auto-populate based on a formula (example =[Open date]12 + 2…
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  • Workspace Auto-sharing
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    We've ran into some issues recently, with new employees creating workspaces and not sharing them correctly (either not sharing them when they need to be or giving incorrect permissions). Is there an option to set up auto-sharing for worksp…
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  • Using the Updates Feature with Formulas
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    First of all, I want to say thank you for updating the "Manage Alerts and Actions" Section and the sheet level option for "Request an Update"   I now have the option to set this on a master sheet and not have to recreat…
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  • SUMIF with date range and dropdown list categories
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    Hi everyone, So I have columns Type (dropdown list, 3 values, Tools, Chemicals, Clothing), Date and Amount ($).  I am trying to come up with a formula to sum amount of $ spent in a certain month in each Type of expense. So, for example, …
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  • Toolbar Inconsistencies
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    I have created a "Master Sheet" that I have to import each day and have linked up other tabs/sheet to that Master Sheet to filter out on the information my technicians need to see. On the Master Sheet I have the full options on t…
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  • Community Link in Help Menu Gone?
    In Using Smartsheet
    Hi all, My memory may be failing, but didn't the Help icon used to have several entries including a direct link to the Community Forum?   Today when I clicked the ? icon, there are only two links:  Help & Learning and Show Help Tips.…
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