is there the ability to colour in a column not a row to show for example UK bank holidays or staff holidays etc.. to show in a very quick visual way any clashes that might be avoided.




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I read your question wrong and that you meant the Column Titles.

Mike is right, and I often use conditional formatting in my solutions to color whole columns and rows to make it easier to keep the design as intended.



You could use conditional formatting to format just the field in the column you're searching for rather than applying it to the whole row. If the fields in that column match your criteria, it would essentially color the whole row. You can also manually color in the row by highlighting the entire column and changing the color of the background. 

Let me know if you have any questions. 

The conditional formatting doesn't even have to apply to the column that is being used for the criteria. You could set it to highlight only the cells in column B where the corresponding cells in column A contain a certain value.