We have a Published Sheet that displays on a large monitor.

Up until recently, the sheet displayed the Gantt view.

In the last several weeks however it is displaying the Grid View.

We can change the view on the monitor to Gantt however when

the sheet refreshes it goes back to Grid View.  I checked the

Publish Settings and the options seemed to possibly have

changed.  The Default View options are shown below:

The Grid (Gantt) View are now combined which doesn't make any sense

as these are two distinct views. 

How do we get the Published Sheet (exisitng url) to display the Gantt View again?



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In the Publish Settings, you can select the Default View as (Grid (Gantt).

Hope that helps!

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Andrée Starå

Workflow Consultant @ Get Done Consulting

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Thank You - I realize that however when viewing a Smartsheet, Grid View and Gantt View are two separate views.  When you go to the Publish Settings Grid (Gantt) View is ONE option.  So how is that possible?  Grid and Gantt views are entirely different views. 

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However, the view that is displaying on our Published Sheet is what would show on the Smartsheet when selecting Grid View - it DOES NOT show the Gantt Chart.