No matter what I've tried, my Primary column seems to display with spaces before the first number, like it's more center justified than left justified. I have many columns so I'm always trying to reduce column width whenever possible and my numbers get cut off if I try to do this with my Primary column - it's like the number have 2-3 invisible spaces before them. Any suggestions on how I can fix this since the justify button does not fix the issue?



Is it possible they are all indented?

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My only option that I can see is to "align left" - I'm not seeing the typical "indent" icon like I would in Excel so not sure how I would check to make sure they are not



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Hi Stephanie,

The Primary column is always more to the right than the others, and it looks like your column has a parent, so the indent makes it go even more to the right.

Do you have a filter active on the sheet?

Hope that helps!

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Andrée Starå

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There is also the fact that numbers in SS are automatically right justified.

I second Paul's suggestion. Because you are using numbers they will always be right-indented. 

Thanks all! Sounds like an issue that can't be fixed