So I have created several Reports and have noticed that when you add them to a Dashboard, anyone with Dashboard Access can view them as a Widget; however, When made a viewer on the Report itself, all the people see is a blank page.  Do the Viewers also need access to the sheet the report is pulled from?  If so then reports are basically useless to me as I am using the Report to Filter Information.  IE Letting the Report only show a certain Supplier info so that that Supplier cannot see info from another Supplier.  The main sheet has all of their information so allowing access to that is counterproductive. 

Am I missing some sort of Permission somewhere, or am I just going to have to make a Dashboard to display the widget to have any sort of View-ability?



Hi Mike,

Am I understanding you correctly in that when you add the users as viewers of the report it's empty in the dashboard?

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That's the way it works! If the users should be able to see anything in the actual report, they have to be shared with the underlining sheets. 

A possible workaround could be to publish the report if you want them to be able to open it up.

Would that work?



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What do you mean by publish the report?

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Also what is the point of a report that people can't access!?  You can't draw on the report for formulas, people can't view it, you can't reference it for anything......  it seems like a feature with loads of potential and absolutely none of it used.  I mean a report is built to use and share, this is more like a quick reference than an actual report if that's the case.

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