Is there a way to limit the number of rows created by a form?  I want to use a form for people to register for a training event, but am limiting the number of attendees to 50.  Is there a way to automatically deactivate the form when 50 rows exist in the sheet?



I do not believe that this would be possible. However you may be able to set up an alert to alert you when you get to the required number.


Create a row above or below depending on where you have set the new entries to come into the sheet.  Create a function to count the rows and to alert you when it reaches your limit.




Alerts are not that granular unfortunately.  I can only set an alert for an individual column and not a specific value in an individual field.

This isn't exactly the solution you are looking for but it is a work around.  You can set the Smartsheet up to noitfy you when you hit 50 people by adding a check box and an auto number column.  You would place the following formula -  =IF([Row ID]29 = 29, 1) in the check box in the 50th cell.  Then you can set up a notification for when the check box column has changed then you would get an email right away.  I know it isn't perfect but it is better then nothing. 

Hope it helps.

I agree with Stephanie, Notifications would be a great way to do it. 

To build on and combine what Stephanie and James said, on your first row have a formula that counts the number of submitted rows. In that same row have a formula that will show a value when the corresponding count is 50. This could be checking a checkbox, enabling a flag, or even displaying “50”. Once that formula is set up, create a Notification for that column that will email you right away when it changes. Now, when the count his 50, it will trigger a change in that cell and will send you an email. Let me know if you need help setting this up or building the formulas. 

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Since this question and replies are a few years old, would this workaround solution of alerts still be the best practice?  Or, has some conditional rule been implemented since 2015?  Thanks!

Hi, I'm still looking for a way to limit sign-ups on registrations forms.

FYI- We discovered that the form stays live at the link even after the form is unpublished. If people sign the link, they can sign up forever. :( That's kind of a deal breaker for my organization.