Use Case:

I have Sheet with lots of columns. Lots. 100 or more.

I have a Report designed for a specific role and task set.

The Report has a few columns. Two or more but less than 10. Limited view of the data.

On the Row Menu, there is an Edit option that allows the user to see the Row in vertical orientation.

However, all columns are available.

I want to see on the the columns that are on the Report, not all in the underlying Sheet.

I have a work-around:

Have user send themselves an Update Request.

- only the columns in the Report are in the UR

- notification comes through nearly immediately and the view is what I want them to see.

This request has also be posted to the Form



I second J. Craig's complaint. If a report is only displaying a limited number of columns the edit menu should comply. 

I mean, I agree with J. Craig's suggestion for improvement! laugh


Any filters applied to the report should apply to the functions within the report.

While I'd generally agree to this, I'd like to see this as a toggle or a report property, not as a baseline change. Reason being that I use reports to filter out data from my master sheet and still want to access all the columns from the master sheet when editing the row from the report. Adding this as a report property would be useful.