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Formulas in Forms

Jade Boring
Jade Boring ✭✭✭✭

When putting a formula into a hidden line in a form, every time the form is submitted a ' is automatically inputted in front of the formula. This obviously prevents the formula from acting like a formula, but instead just shows the text.

This form allows folks to scan a QR code to get the part code (shown as TESTITEM in example above), then the formula would pull in the item name. This would be helpful to our warehouse staff as there are too many part codes to memorize. Not sure if anyone else has tried to use formulas like this or if they have had the same experience, but it would be a much smoother end user experience to be able to use formulas in a form such as this.

I do not want to make a formula column because of some niches we have with our system. This is the best solution I could come up with (other than creating yet another helper column), but it doesn't work.

Maybe put in a Formula option in the field settings validations would help solve this?

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