Dear Smartsheet:

I am a bit confused by the 25,000 cell reference limit.  In my specific case I am simply trying to VLOOKUP from a table where I have 700 rows and 17 columns.  That equals 11,900 cells which is less than 25,000 cells. 

So, why am I getting this error?  It creates an incredible amount of frustration and dissatisfaction with your product. 

Please help.





I ran into the VLOOKUP cell limit pretty quick in my usage. I started using INDEX/MATCH instead and haven't had any problems yet. Maybe it will work for you as well. The benefit is that you only reference the columns you are searching, rather than an entire grid. More info here:



Hi Francisco,

What's the error message you're getting?

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Andrée Starå

Workflow Consultant @ Get Done Consulting

Same here. I have 511 rows/ 35 columns - that is NOT 25000. Super frustrating.

Are you selecting the entire columns or just those x amount of rows in each column?

We hit this ridiculous limit.  We have a large organization and this limit blew up our whole project that has been working superbly.  Not sure where we go from here.  I do not believe we have a good way to fix unless Smartsheet raises the limit to at least 100,000.


I have a summary tabulation sheet for each of our users (over 300) that uses cross references to a few master sheets that are growing in row count daily.  I need to keep a years worth of data before I can archive.  Now my summary sheets aren't calculating because I have hit the limit half way through the fiscal year.  Might be time to migrate away from Smartsheet, too many limitations with row cell counts and cross references, etc...

I'm also running into this issue quite regularly and would love to hear whether or not Smartsheet has any plan to increase the limit in the near future.


Hi everyone,

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Andrée Starå

Workflow Consultant @ Get Done Consulting

We have a Control Center developed with multiple toolkits for a huge enterprise client. We are now experiencing the 25,000 limitation as well as the 250,000. This is crippling, since the point of Control Center is to have access to enterprise-wide data.

I see a number of other people have been experiencing similar difficulties. Can you please indicate:

1. Whether an enhancement to this number is currently in development?

2. When this obstacle will be resolved?

This has rendered our VLOOKUPS, MATCH and INDEX useless.



We hit the same problem in our organisation , we just recently started using smartsheet & we are a small team ! Very disappointing . 

I am experiencing the same problem.  I first ran into the 5,000 line limit which is going to be a pretty big limitation on its own.  Now that I've built multiple reference sheets to feed our Master Asset lists, its telling me that the sheet has more references than the 25,000 allowed.

Even once I deleted almost all of my rows, just to see the process start working (down to 20 rows and 11 columns), it still says I'm maxed out and won't stop #CALCULATING.