FAQ: What are the functions of the Activity & Moderation categories on my profile?

Genevieve P.
Genevieve P. Employee Admin
edited 06/20/22 in Welcome to the Community


The Activity category on your profile keeps track of the non-content related activity associated with your account. This includes the badges you earn, your profile updates, and a log of reactions to your posts from other users. 

Click on the Reaction Icon (such as Insightful) to view the associated posts. 


If a Community moderator warns you about a post, the Moderation tab on your profile will allow you to review those warnings in one place. 

NOTE: The content on this Moderation page is only visible to you and the Community moderators. No other Community member will be able to view or access this information. 

For each warning you’ll also receive a private message in your Inbox (the envelope icon at the top of Community). Use the Inbox to respond to the moderator and discuss why the warning was needed, if it’s not clear from their initial notification.