Asset tracker - how to update a row instead of creating a new one


I want to use Smartsheet as an asset tracker. When an asset expires, an item is replaced and the asset receives a new expiration date. I want to be able to update the expiration date (and other columns like location). Unfortunately, even though the bar code is in the primary column when the same bar code is scanned, a new row is created rather than updating the existing Smartsheet row.

What am I missing to get this to work?



I have bar codes assigned to assets in Smartsheet in the primary column.

The assets have a column with an expiration date,.

When the asset expires, the expiring item in the asset is replaced, and a new expiration date assigned.

To update the expiration date of the asset: an associated Smartsheet form is opened, the bar code is scanned (entered), and a new expiration date entered.

Location of the asset (another column) also changes frequently.

Result: a new row is created, instead of updating the row with the same bar code.

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  • Jackie ZiemkeJackie Ziemke ✭✭✭✭✭

    How are you submitting the information? Is it through a form or another software?

    Jackie Ziemke, Marketing Director

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  • Hey Leslie! Your Customer Success Manager will be reaching out to discuss this further with you.

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