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Hey guys! Need help with a Gantt chart.

I am not even sure how to phrase my question. But I will try my best.

Here is how it looks right now, you can see the range between "Week 38" - "Week 50". How can I remove the dependency on the actual dates and show, in general, how many weeks it will take? For e.g. display charts in the range of Week 1 - Week 22.


  • Nick CareyNick Carey Employee

    @Tolik Nguyen- Thanks for the question! To clarify are you looking to expand the Gantt chart view for printing purposes? If so, I recommend checking out the help article linked below as you can actually select the date ranges you want included!

  • No only printing purposes. Right now, number of the week is counted by the actual date. Week 34 = the week of the September. But can I change the view and remove dependency on the actual dates. I mean start counting from the Week 1. Even like the project is going to be kicked off in Sept 3, then from that day display the "Week 1, Week 2 and so on".

    Sorry for not being clear, it is hard to explain from my side :D

  • Nicolás TrejoNicolás Trejo ✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Tolik Nguyen. I think Smartsheet doesn't have that functionality (yet)

    We have had the same need a couple of times, and the "solution" was to set up the beggining of the project for January 1st. That way Week 1 of the year matches Week 1 of the project.

    I know this is may not viable for an ongoing project. Hope to have helped you.


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