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Hello Bridge Builders 😉

I have two separate workflows in the same workspace that each reference a different worksheet. Anytime I edit one workflow, the other workflow loses the integration and it's settings default to the workflow that I just edited, and it's referenced sheet (the one associated with the edited workflow). The integration is smartsheet and it is authenticated. In other words, after editing either one of the workflows, the other workflow trigger page will be blank when opening the workflow trigger - that is, no sheet is shown as integrated (see pic). When I go into the settings, that is where the wrong sheet will be referenced, along with the wrong workflow.


  • Hello,

    I could be wrong but it might be that you’re actually editing the same trigger each time. Even though you access the trigger setup from individual workflows, regardless of which workflow you’re starting from you’re always taken to the same screen to create and edit triggers. This means when you’re starting from your first workflow you setup that first trigger. When you’re then going to the second workflow, and click on the trigger setup link from there you’ll still see that first trigger you created and will need to add a second one.

    I have attached a screenshot of what it could look like if you had several triggers already set up. These are not all necessarily for just one workflow.

    When you are trying to create your second trigger make sure you click on Add To Triggers (red arrow in the screenshot) to not overwrite your first one.

    Let me know if that helps!

  • KDMKDM ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Ingrid

    The triggers of each separate workflow are coming from separate worksheets. The trigger is a cell change (System column = Created)in the specific sheets. The two sheets are completely independent of one another. Would this be considered the same trigger? The routines worked for awhile but now I cannot edit one without affecting the other. The intent of the workflows are the same - the routines convert the smartsheet timestamp into the actual time of the user (not just the time the APPEARANCE of the user's timezone as the smartsheet timestamp really is).

    I'd be happy to share whatever you need to see


  • Diana YehDiana Yeh Employee
    edited 10/29/20

    @KDM , thanks for letting us know. To help you further troubleshoot and review how you've built your workflows, could you submit a ticket to our Bridge Support team at this link. Once submitted, one of our team members will be in contact shortly!

  • KDMKDM ✭✭✭✭✭

    Thanks! The ticket is now in the queue.

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