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01/21/21 Edited 02/01/21

Did you miss our community webinar event — Carlos Watson on transformation?

View the recording here

Here's a little bit about what we covered:

On Thursday, Jan 21, Smartsheet hosted a #CanDoCommunity web event in our Community featuring Mark Mader, CEO & President of Smartsheet, and Carlos Watson, co-founder of the Emmy Award and Webby Award winning media company, OZY Media.

Carlos answered questions from the community covering the overarching theme of transformation.

He pulled from his experiences, both personally & professionally, to discuss how to handle transformation - be it business, organizational, team or individual.

We will also be posting to this thread questions that were answered throughout the conversation with Carlos and Mark. Thanks for the great question submissions, Smartsheet Community!


  • Thanks to all who attended our #CanDoCommunity event on Transformation! We received a great collection of questions from this event, and we wanted to take this opportunity follow the event to post the questions below in order for our Community to respond back, ask additional questions, and learn from one another.

    Please find a list of questions from our community below:

    How do you approach the topic of transformation with people who like things the way they are?

    Why is transformation so important and why do you think it's so hard at the same time?

    What advice would you give your younger self just starting out in the workforce? And does that same advice hold true today if you were starting out today?

    Can you share a few stories about times that you failed and how you picked yourself up afterwards?

    Who have you been inspired by and why?

    What are the most common barriers people might come across when trying to effect change, and how do you encourage people to overcome those barriers?

    You've worked across a lot of different industries. How do you handle those types of career transformations? What advice would you give someone looking to make a pivot in their career?

    What transformation needs to occur, how do you rally a team and generate trust in a way that's transparent and authentic?

    You're in a unique position to have conversations with world leaders, business leaders, disruptors, and so on. Are there any common threads that you can tie together when it comes to the topic of transformation?

    To hear Carlo's full responses to the questions highlighted above, please follow this link to view the recording.

    Stay tuned for the more #CanDoCommunity webinars! Coming up next we'll be featuring Pip Hare, a world class sailer competing in the Vendée Globe race, YOU will not want to miss out!

    Thanks again for all those who joined or have viewed the recording. Please continue the discussion or send any other questions on this topic by posting in the comments below!

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