Any plans for upcoming webinars or virtual user group meetings for this group?


Hi there, I just joined this group and I saw that there was a webinar last month and I was curious if there will be any more upcoming webinars geared towards Higher Ed? I work for a small college in the Advancement department and we are creating a project management system through Smartsheets for us to collaborate and to automate due dates. (this would include: Marketing/Communications, Annual Fund, Board of Trustees management, etc) I would love to see what others do!




  • Hi Kim - Welcome to Smartsheet's Higher Ed community group! We do have more webinars planned and this is a good place to keep an eye out for them as we do announceme them here when we get the dates. If you don't have the recording to the most recent one here it is;

    This is a great place to connect with other users who are using Smartsheet's tools and services in the education space and you can find some good examples on our Solutions for Higher Ed webpage ... check out the most recent story from St. Edward's University.

    Let us know how we can help in your work with Smartsheet!


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