Tracking Stewardship Plans/Activity


I am new to the Smartsheet community and have just started working to build sheets that assist with donor engagement and stewardship. I am interested in knowing if anyone has created a Smartsheet that tracks stewardship activities by individual. I would like to be able to track the information by individual as well as in a calendar view. The idea is to make sure we are reaching out to donors on a regular basis with strategic stewardship and using Smartsheet as a planning, tracking and reminder vehicle.

If anyone has done something similar I would love to learn more.


  • CleversheetCleversheet ✭✭✭✭✭


    What you've sketched out should definitely be doable within Smartsheet. At Westmont College we have a number of implementations that involve similar kinds of tracking. I'm presently unaware of anyone having yet developed one for stewardship management, though it's certainly possible if not likely. I hope you get some answers leading you to a solution set that you can clone from or build upon.


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