Changing Name of Project in Control Center

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Some of the names of our projects have changed since provisioning and I can not for the life of me figure out how to change the name within the Control Center environment so it matches. It doesn't affect the objects that were provisioned because we already changed the names across all those objects and reports but, I want Control Center to represent what the actual name is of the project. Likely an easy change but, would appreciate your help.

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  • Lori,

    Sorry I cannot offer you a solution. At least I am not the only one with this problem.

    We get projects that start under a code name because they are "dark projects" - Project Top Shelf, Project Cobra, Project Apollo, etc. At some point in time, likely after partner contracts are signed, they then get a descriptive name "Co-Branded Item with Company XYX".

    I change the names on all of the sheets, and on the Metadata, so the reporting is correct, but whenever I am in Control Center, I have to remember it was once called by a code name.

    Hopefully I am missing something easy as well.

  • I was just searching for how to do this as well. Has anyone found a solution to this yet or is this an enhancement request we all need to submit?

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