Smartsheet Native Experience vs Dynamic View Only

Chris KaliveasChris Kaliveas ✭✭✭✭

Hi Smartsheet,

We are planning to build out Dynamic Views. One of the primary business drivers of using Dynamic Views is to prevent users from deleting data. What I'm observing in commentaries is that taking the users from the "native" Smartsheet experience to the Dynamic Views removes verify important user functions. My preference is to not have to find individual threads to know what the loss/differences between the two platforms. My current list is below for reference. Is there a running list of key differences around functionality? We do need to know what will be removed from users before making this transition as users will only have View permissions on the source sheets for reporting purposes.

Feature Losses from Native to Dynamic

  1. Can't link to a cell through the view
  2. Can't delete attachments: have to go to the source sheet.
  3. Can't view cell history; cell history in source is admin of view.
  4. No Gantt view
  5. Can't freez pane (i.e. Primary Key Values..)
  6. Alert notifications do not take you to the view, only source sheet. To make a comment, you must retain permissions on Source Sheet else you have to manually navigate to the row through the view to edit. 

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