Handling Submittals through Forms


Good Day All,

I'm new to smartsheets, and trying to figure out the best way to handle Submittals.

The Goal is to handle the whole process of submittal and approvals online, with final step being Generating Document, to be signed and archived.

I was very optimistic and trying to capture all types of submittals (Shop Drawing, Material Submittals, MIR, RFI, IR, etc) through one Form and one Sheet. But this is proving to be very difficult.

I made a simple Form and Sheet, and was able to Generate a Document, and a simple workflow to send the approval to the contractor upon approval. But I'm facing the following problems:

  • As I mentioned, capturing all types of submittals seems difficult
  • For shop drawings, and since contractors submit in bulk, seems like the only way is to capture the submission and then manually populate another sheet with each drawing in its own row
  • The issue of Re-Submittals. It seems that this can only be handled Manually

If anyone has some pointers or helpful information regarding the issues above, that would be great !!!

I attached a couple of screenshots of the sheet created. don't mind the data as it's totally random :D

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