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Is there a way to edit the notification form that is generated from a workflow? I have created the workflow and sent a test notification to my inbox. The message came through fine, but I noticed that it includes fields from the actual sheet. Way too much info. I know that I can use specific fields from a sheet versus all of them, but I would like to instead only include brief instructions and a link to a dashboard, where users can see the full dataset in a more presentable format. My ultimate goal is to auto notify users that it is time to review their dashboard and include a link to get to it. Is this possible via workflows? Or is there another notification feature that I can use in the case of reminding users to check their dash on a specific date?

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  • Lisa Wood
    Lisa Wood ✭✭✭✭
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    I would set up an automation to notify someone based on your trigger, and in the message part at the bottom you can add the link to their dashboard and select "message only". Is that what you're asking?