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We’re so happy you’re here! This is a space for Brandfolder users and those interested in learning more about Brandfolder to connect, share best practices, and hopefully have a few laughs. Follow the steps below to introduce yourself and make your very first post.

1. Click the arrow next to the blue button labeled “Ask a question” and select “Start a discussion.”

2. Title your discussion post, and in the message section, introduce yourself by stating your name as well as your company and role (if comfortable), what you hope to get out of the community, and a few fun facts about yourself (pictures are always a fun and encouraged addition).

3. In the “Tags” section, type “Brandfolder - Introduce Yourself” and click “Post Discussion” when you’re ready to share.

4. Finally, make sure to follow the topic to stay up to date on the latest discussions!

A few additional notes on the topic:

We have 7 tags to help organize our community & discussions - just a preview of what's to come!

- Brandfolder - Introduce Yourself

- Brandfolder - Tips & Tricks

-Brandfolder - Branding/Marketing/Design

- Brandfolder - Looking for Advice

- Brandfolder - Community Events

- Brandfolder - Random

- Brandfolder - Releases

Want to propose the addition of a new tag? Fill out this form here.

And finally, a few ground rules. Be kind, be thoughtful, be respectful - basically just be a good human. All of the Smartsheet community guidelines apply to this topic and can be read in full here.

If you have any questions, reach out to me at [email protected]

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