Would anyone else find it useful to be able to use use different font color for certain words in a cell only, rather than having to change the font color of the entire cell?  The ability might also be nice to be able to underline and italicize certain words in a cell as well but definitely colored font to call out information would be great. Anyone agree?



I do. 

+1 vote.

Add my vote to this item as well.


Hi all-- I have added your votes for this!

Based on my (limited) understanding of the browser capabilities, I would expect this to slow down response times.


I can't believe it is easy either.


I would perhaps use it if it were available, but not enough that I would put it on a list of features to differentiate one product from another.


I'm working with a customer that went to extremes on text and background colors that make my head hurt from trying to read. Black on deep purple? Really?