So I created this template for our sales team. The idea is that in the yellow boxes they enter item number and quantity (and other things based on where they are in the template) and was informed that there are some sales orders where they will need to add additional boxes.

We were looking to have it set up so that one person in the department has a license and can open the template for the 3 sales people who ideally will have the unlicensed free accounts.

In this template, I have the cells locked that cannot be edited. Generally, they are a mess of formulas and people don’t need to go messing with the formulas and all the dependent linked cells.

So the problem I’m having is that when I add a line in the middle of the formula block it does not add all the formulas automatically (like in excel).  

Is there a way to add a line and automatically have the formulas populate?

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Hi Ann,

Are you using Parents/children? When you add a row is it added as a child?

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Andrée Starå

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What do you mean?

I tried adding in parent/child  and it still didn't work. I added a row in to test it


Please see in this screen shot where line 12 is not the same colors or have the arrows that cells from other sheets are linked.

additionally here is the shot without the parent/child