Hi there,

I've created a report using Pivot that shows all the budget types and the amounts for them as well as the overall total amount spent. I don't want to show this data in table form, but I seem to be unable to select a Pivot report using the Report dashboard widget. How can I show the Pivot table/report itself in a dashboard?





There is no pivot functionality within Smartsheet from what I have seen. You basically have two options:

1) Create a report, and then embed that report into your dashboard using the report widget. Reports in Smartsheet are really not much more than just filtered lists of your underlying sheets. No pivot functionality, and not very pretty, but a simple solution.

2) Use a sheet with cross-sheet reference formulas to build the metrics and custom layout that you're looking for, which could be designed to look similar to a pivot table--but without the actual pivot functionality. However, you might get creative by creating a dropdown that is incorporated into your formulas in order to mimic the pivot functionality that you're looking for. You can then create a link to this sheet on your dashboard using just about any of the available widgets and just modifying the interaction settings within the widget to open the sheet when clicked. With this approach, you could also still select certain metrics from your sheet to display in the dashboard, as well. However, be aware that sheet formulas do not automatically refresh on their own. For example: If you have any formulas that calculate a value based upon today's date (today() function), the formula result will not automatically update unless someone opens and saves the sheet where the formula resides.

Wait I'm confused.  Wasn't Jackie's original Pivot created using the Premium Pivot App?


Any updates?  I would be shocked if a paid for premium app cannot be displayed in a dashboard.