We currently have 3 licensed users, I need to add another.

Apparently this is not something Smartsheet has any interest in doing.

I have emailed [email protected] three (3) times: Last Thursday, Friday and yesterday.

I have called 6 times, NEVER got in touch with a human, only the option to leave a message and that I would receive a call the next business day: Twice Thursday, 3 times Friday and once yesterday. Of those times, I have left 3 messages with my email and phone numbers, land line & mobile. NO ONE has called back.

In my Smartsheet Account Admin, License Request Management, Buy now, I receive a pop up that states our account is set up for direct billing, but will not let me buy another license.

I have emailed a screen shot of that message to Smartsheet but received no response.

All of these attempted contacts have been made during business hours, PDT.

What does it take to get a response when I want to pay Smartsheet more money?



Well, it's now been a week in attempting to get Smartsheet to help with adding another license.

I was finally able to get to Finance on Tuesday, by calling Sales and getting them to connect me with Finance.

However, they said that there was something curious about our account and they would have to get a manager involved. But I should hear back either Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning.

Nothing. No email, no phone call. 

It's now Thursday morning and Smartsheet has not responded to any of my phone messages or emails.

Hi JB—

I can understand the frustration behind your experience. I'm working with our Finance team to figure out the cause of the delay and to find out what your next steps are.

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I finally received a call last evening around 6pm MDT.

Sadly, by wishing to add another license, we would lose our Business Discount and our cost per licensed user increases.

This seems counterintuitive to me. The vast majority of customers we deal with, and we also, offer a discount for the more of something you purchase.

We offer hourly rate discounts for clients that sign long-term contracts.

Big-O Tires, Ford and others, offer discounts on tires when you purchase a set of 4 vs 1, 2 or 3 tires.

In my 30 years of CAD/CAM, SolidWorks, MasterCAM, CADKey, Pro Engineer, SmartCAM, BobCAD, SurfCAM, AutoCAD, etc., all offered per license discounts for buying multiple seats.

The examples are too numerous to list of companies that offer discounts for adding a product, service or licensed seat.

Increasing the cost per seat for ADDING another seat is ridiculous. If we were requesting to remove a license, I would understand increasing the cost per seat.

Hi JB—

I had to edit your posts to remove the personally identifiable information—the names of people—from this thread.

Please be thoughtful about providing information on people in the community, as this is a public site and people can be personally identified. 

Hi JB,

I followed up on this and it looks like our team was able to provide you with a solution.