One person is wanting to be notified when their RYG ball turns green, which means a document they are needing is complete.

In the notifications, I can only choose for her to be notified when that column changes for anyone.

Is there a formula I can do that will accomplish this?





As you have seen, notifications will alert users based on an entire column and there is not a built in functionality to email only users assigned to the task. However, there are a couple of workaround which you could use.


The first workaround would be to use reminders. In a new Date column, add a formula that will show tomorrows date IF the corresponding RYG ball is green. Then set a sheet level reminder to email the user assigned to the task ON the date in the new Date column (which only appears if the RYG ball is green). This method would send an email to the user assigned to a task one day after the RYG ball was set to green.

I made a sheet to show you how this could be set up. Here’s the sheet:





The next workaround is utilizing notifications. Add a Checkbox column for each user with a formula that will check the box if the row is assigned to a specific user and the RYG ball is green. You can then set up a notification to email the user when their respective column is changed. Here’s a quick sheet to show you this:




Hi Loann, 


Thanks again for submitting feedback. One of the next areas I will be looking at when we finish up durations and critical path will be enhanced notifications. Currently our two most popular feature requests for notifications are "notify assignees" and "conditional notifications" these two combined would enable exactly the functionality that you are are asking for. Until then, using a checkbox column as Travis suggested, is probably your best bet. 




Loann and Travis. 


I did a different work around for this. We use reports for each team member to keep them upto date on the tasks that change. In your case you can make the green ball change be the trigger to send it to the report. The reports are live data and can be sent on a schedule to make sure the reports are seen often. It is also a great double as a task list to keep them following the priority list and it can have data from may sheets in it. 

Thanks for the input, gentlemen!