We are looking to use approval workflows for approving Quotes within our system. We will attache the quote to the line however I was wondering if there is a way within the workflow to specify which attachment to approve rather than seeing all attachments? 





Do you have one attachment per row, or are there multiple attachments per row? If there is only one per row, you can set it up as a standard approval workflow and the only attachment that will be sent is the attachment for the row that triggered the action.


If you have multiple attachments per row however, you unfortunately cannot specify which one to send. If you were able to save them out the on the web somewhere, you could use hyperlinks in different columns and specify that way.

Hi Abbie,

A possible workaround could be to use the DocuSign integration or another third-party solution.

Another option could be to have multiple rows, one per attachments to make it work the way you need.

Would any of those options work?

Hope that helps!

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Andrée Starå

Workflow Consultant @ Get Done Consulting