I am trying to create an IF AND formula and get stuck after a certain point as I am a bit green when it comes to Smartsheets. What I am looking to have it accomplish in general terms: IF the status is set to High AND the Status is marked as Complete, then input Today's date in the Completion Date column. Can someone please assist?

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Hi Aimee,

Do you want to store today's date? If yes, it will not work because the TODAY function will keep updating the date.

You'd either need to store the date manually or use a third-party service like Zapier or similar. Is that an option?

Hope that helps!

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Andrée Starå

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Thank you for the input, Andree! 

Would it be possible to perhaps just require the "Completed Date" if these two functions were met instead (Status = Complete AND Priority = High?) vs. automatically entering today's date?

Appreciate the insight. 


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Happy to help!

​There isn't a way to set a requires field in the sheet but we could structure it so a message in a cell would show up a bit that the are required to fill in the date. We could also send an automated update request if they don't. 

Would that work?