Hi!  I am trying to use connect a cell with an attachment on the same row as the cell so that I can display the information in a dashboard.  The goal is that when a user clicks on the cell that is displayed, it opens the attachment it is linked to.  I can add links for documents outside of Smartsheet, but the link for the documents within Smartsheet expire after 30 days (if you use the one that you can email).

I published my sheet and used the web content widget on the dashboard, but if someone isn't familiar with Smartsheet, they may not know to click on the paperclip.  It also displays the headers and toolbar.  I don't want those included.  Any suggestions?

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Hi Tabitha,

Unfortunately, it's not possible at the moment to extend the link expiration date beyond 30 days, and I think it's not possible to remove the headers and toolbar either, but they are all great ideas!

Please submit an Enhancement Request when you have a moment.

I think that the easiest solution would be to add a picture, movie or text on where they can find the attachments on the sheet. It could be beside the sheet in the dashboard or in the sheet in the first column, like this maybe:


Would that work?

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Andrée Starå

Workflow Consultant @ Get Done Consulting

Thank you for the response.  I did submit an enhancement request.  I will try what you suggested.  I was attempting to make the dashboard updates very easy by using a form entry with the ability to upload an attachment.  Basically, we want the "admin" of the dashboard to be able to use a form to input a name and upload a resume.  The dashboard would be updated via a report, if the report was able to display the attachment (which it cannot)

The only reason I'm not going to use your suggestion, is that I need the link to last more than 30 days.  It's almost as if you are penalized for trying to link to a document in Smartsheet instead of one in another repository.

Still a huge fan, but would love to see this functionality added!


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Happy to help!

I think you can do what you want if you use the web content widget in the dashboard to show your sheet and a form connected to it. The 30-day link limit is only applied when you share the attachment and not when it's in the sheet.

That would work, right?



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Yes. I can use the web content widget to display the sheet.  In my original comment, I noted that you see the toolbars and title that take away from the presentation on the dashboard.  I attached a screenshot to give you a visual.  It does work though and that is how I have my project setup for now.  Thanks again for your help.