I have charts to show progress by week to date, month to date, and year to date. I reference another sheet to indicate the date range for each chart. Is there a way to automate my reference sheet so I don't have to change the dates manually? 


if you want to show the current period I recommend using a helper column then using that as criteria in your formulas

if(weeknumber([date ref]@row) = weeknumber(today()),1,if(month([date ref]@row)= month(today()),2,if(year([date ref]@row) = year(today()),3)))

then in  your criteria you can use something like

current year

[Helper C]1 >0

Current month

[Helper C]1 < 3

Current Week

[Helper C]1 = 1


This is also nice for filtering data. I often use a next period helper column to quickly navigate my larger sheets.