I am looking at ways I can automate export a smartsheet to excel at regular frequencies.

I tried using MS Flow, but the Smartsheet connector doesn't have an option to get to get the content.

Any ideas?



Hi Sudeep,

You can probably use a third-party solution like Zapier or similar. Zapier has an action that can send a sheet as an Excel attachment.

Would that work?

Have a fantastic weekend!


Andrée Starå

Workflow Consultant @ Get Done Consulting

The question is whether you'd like to just pull data from your sheet to excel on regular basis or create excel export to new file?

If just pull data, then you can do it within excel's power query functionality which is quite easy if you learn how to do it.

If create export to excel file each time, then as Andree said, you have to use some 3rd party solution or some api plugin.