I am fairly new to smartsheet and wanted to know if it was possible to automatically add a set list of tasks/ indented rows to a row that had been added via web form?


I review sets of data that are submitted by multiple business unit and partner companies.

The form this takes in always the same, and we have a set series of tasks to process this info (which I would like to start using a gantt chart to track).  


Is is possible for a row that contains a summary of the data, which is populated by a web form to have a series of tasks automatically added below it for use in a gantt chart?






I don't think it's possible. We were discussing a similar issue with webforms the other day. We wanted a webform to require users to populate certain fields(which can be done), but wanted to also use it to provide updates or add subtasks.


I'll follow this post to see if someone has found a way.