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We have an intake sheet / form and a separate project sheet.

Goal is to automatically copy specific fields from new rows in the Intake sheet (source) to a different Project sheet (destination) each time a new row is entered by users.

When a new row is entered, we want to copy (as a new row) specific fields from the Intake row to the Project sheet, only copying if the value in a specific column in the Intake sheet is set.

We have tried Zapier but can't figure out how to get it to copy the 'new' row, it wants a specific row in the rule (we are new to Zapier so this may be an easy solve but we sure can't fine it).


Thanks for any help!




I think this can be set up with Zapier but it might be a quite advanced workflow. 

How many cells do you want to copy to the other sheet?

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Andrée Starå

Workflow Consultant @ Get Done Consulting

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Thanks Andree!

There will be about 20 cells from the row that need to be copied over.

I thought about linking from the intake to the project sheet but that seems like it could get out of sync quickly.

Also considered copying the entire row and just hiding the columns we don't need from the intake on the project sheet.  (The bigger picture is the Intake form feeds two different project sheets depending on the type of request - ONce I figure out how to move to one I can use that for the other.


Also thought of always copying the top row and having the form set to insert at top - but the row ID I believe stays with the row, even if it moves to a different row number.

All else fails the team will have to manually copy the cells (or row) each time for now.


Thanks again for your help on this - much appreciated!