Is there any way to automatically send a web form (feedback survey) as part of notification alert or conditional formatting?  I have a sheet with a web form that customers can use to submit requests for service.  This sheet is viewable by staff that it is shared to.  I also have a customer service feedback sheet that is not shared in case a customer wants to provide feedback confidentially.  I would like to be able to automatically send the confidential survey when a service request is resolved preferably with a reference to the original request i.e. autofil of system generated number in survey.  Is this possible? 




That is a great idea for sure. I am not aware of a trigger that will send out a web form. I know that you can publish the web form url so that it is accessable to any customers. This could be posted to your web page etc. You can label it so it is clear one is for private and one is for a standard form. 

Hello! This is possible with third party API tools such as Zapier and Azuqua. 


These services can look for a trigger in a row (example: marked as resolved) and can email the contents of the row (or just certain cells) to anyone, while including a URL for the web form. There wont be a way to include the system generated number in the web form, but it can be included in the email sent to the user.


Both Zapier and Azuqua are paid services. Zapier has a free version which would likely do everything you need but Azuqua is more powerful and a little more user friendly. 


Check them out for more information:





Any update on this capability?